Training and Sales Tools

Darman has training and sales tools to assist in informing your customers about why cloth roll towels are superior to paper towels and air dryers. The following is a list of the items available. You can click the images to download a file to print.

Darman Cabinet Towel Fact Sheet

This sheet contains:

Quick and simple facts about the cloth roll towel system.

Training Video and Support Documentation Kit

This DVD compares cloth roll towels, paper towels, and air dryers.



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"There's a better way than throwing them away..." Tri-Fold Flyer

Something to leave with your customers that gives the advantages and value of cloth roll towels, an inside view of how the cabinet works, and a short list of some of the hidden costs of using paper towels.




"Hand Drying and Hand Hygiene" Tri-Fold Flyer

Concentrates on questions about the hygienic qualities of cloth roll towel cabinets and a list of references to related research studies.

"Hand Hygiene and Your Health" Tri-Fold Flyer

Corrects the misconceptions about the hygiene aspects of cloth roll towel cabinets and how to properly use a cabinet system.