A Brief History

The history of Darman Manufacturing Company, Inc. dates back more than 80 years and four family generations. Our founder, Joseph Darman, immigrated from Malta with his family in 1910 in search of a better life in America. In 1927, after working as a machinist for years, Joseph decided to chase the American dream by starting and owning his own business - Darman Manufacturing Company. Six years later Joseph finished designing and developing what would become the cornerstone of Darman Manufacturing - a continuous cloth roll towel cabinet.

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The original cabinet, the Standard, was square and made of steel and aluminum with one large mirror on the front. Shortly after this development, however, the company switched to manufacturing shell casings for the military during World War II. After the war in 1952, Darman once again produced cloth roll towel cabinets in the form of the Darman Deluxe, a rounded metal cabinet. Forty years after he created his company, Joseph Darman passed away leaving the manufacturing plant to his son, Arthur. 

Arthur held the business until he sold it to his son and daughter-in-law, Allen and Pamela, in 1983. Soon after their taking over of the family business, they recognized the future of the company was in a redesign of the Deluxe cabinet. This realization resulted in the Endura, our first cabinet with a plastic hood, back, and bin. Allen has since retired and the company is succeeded by Pamela and her two sons, William and Maxwell, the fourth generation Darman. The Darman family proudly represents this company and will continue to manufacture products for the best value, better hygiene, and a healthy planet.