Paper Roll Towel System

How It Works

All Darman Endura II cabinets can be adapted to fit a paper roll towel. The paper is NOT torn off for use - this eliminates the mess of single paper towels around the restroom. Pull down on the clean paper and dry your hands. No levers, knobs, or buttons are touched – only clean paper. The soiled portion of the paper is wound up into the top section of the cabinet, separated from the clean paper toweling by the dust plate. When the end of the roll is reached, the compact roll of soiled paper toweling is disposed of and clean paper toweling is loaded into the cabinet.


  • No plugged plumbing.
  • No wet soiled paper towel mess – restrooms stay cleaner and more sanitary.
  • Reduces paper usage – more absorbent and eliminates towels being used for other purposes.
  • Clean and presentable restroom at all times. Patrons/employees will appreciate not looking at soiled paper towels on the floor/counters or overfilled waste cans.
  • Reduces the janitorial service and garbage disposal costs.
  • Services up to 1650 pulls of clean toweling per case of 12-120’ rolls of premium 4 ply reinforced white paper.


Paper Roll Towel

The paper contains special scrim (synthetic strands) for reinforcement. This makes the paper very strong when wet and very difficult to tear.