A Refined product

Our cloth roll towel cabinet has been refined and altered over 75 years resulting in a product that benefits customers, consumers, and the environment. The cabinet has been redesigned through the generations to the cabinet we sell today, the Endura II.

Legend has it that our founder, Joseph Darman, locked himself in a room for two weeks and came out with the design for the cabinet mechanism. What is presently seen in the Endura II is a combination of refinements that our employees came up with after assembling the cabinet for thousands of hours on the manufacturing floor. 

How it works

Single use paper products, like paper toweling, deplete our forests and create solid waste that must be incinerated or sent to landfills. As solid waste handling and disposal costs continue to rise, cloth roll toweling is a better economical and environmental choice.

The Darman Endura II achieves this through its design. The cabinet is separated into two chambers - the clean chamber and the soiled chamber. In the plastic bin, located at the bottom of the cabinet, a clean  40 yard rolled towel is fed upward by looping around the bottom and up through the back of the cabinet. The soiled towel is rolled in the upper chamber of the cabinet completely separated from the clean roll by the dust plate. This allows our cabinet to always offer a clean, unused piece of toweling for hand drying.